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Ingredients: Pineapple

  • Trim pineapple skin and remove eyes. Cut both ends.

  • Slice pineapple lengthwise according to the size of the juicer entrance. You may include the core.

  • Put the cut pieces into the feeding entrance.

  • Process.

Health Benefits

  • Improves digestion (bromelain)

  • Lessens arthritic pain (bromelain)

  • Strengthens gums and healthy bones (manganese)

  • Maintains strong and health bone (manganese)

  • Keeps the skin healthy and glowing (manganese)

  • Good for the eyes (vitamin A)

  • Reduce hypertension (potassium)

  • Combats high blood pressure (low sodium content)

Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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