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Spinach Juice🥬

Ingredient: Spinach


  • Wash spinach.

  • Roll leaves into a ball.

  • Put in juicer. 

Health Benefits:

  • Aids and red blood cell production (vitamin C, iron)

  • Limits neuronal brain damage, special for patients with Alzheimer’s (vitamin C, iron, vitamin K)

  • Helps prevent neural tube defects (folate)

  • Increases oxygen intake in blood (chlorophyll)

  • Helps build stronger and healthier bones (calcium, magnesium, vitamin K)

  • Helps prevent anemia (vitamin C, iron)

  • Regulates blood sugar levels (magnesium)

  • Helps into growth and repair of tissues (vitamin C)

Note: You may add cut apples not only for a tastier mix but to help push the leaves through.

Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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