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Apple Pear Juice🍎🍐

Apple Pear Juice🍎🍐

Ingredient: Apple, pear


  • Wash fruits. 

  • Cut and slice. You may or may not remove seeds 

  • Juice 

Health Benefits:


  •  Facilitates easy passage of stools ( sorbitol)

  • Regulate high blood pressure (phytochemicals)

  • Good for losing weight (low calorific value and sodium)

  • Promote heart health  (flavonoids, polyphenols)

  • Helps prevent the hardening of arteries ( vitamin C)

  • Helps thwart asthma attacks (flavonoids)

  • Flushes out toxins ( Alkaline nature)

  • Acts as liver cleanser (pectin)

  • Helps prevent cancer when juiced with skin ( quercetin)

Note: Apple’s highest nutrients are found on the skin or just below the skin 


  •  Perfect first food for babies (high pectin, hypoallergenic properties)

  • Helps prevent stomach cancer (hydroxycinnamic acid)

  • Builds protein and muscles  (potassium)

  • Helps heal scars (vitamin C)

  • Aids in blood coagulation ( vitamin K)

  • Helps prevent abnormal bleeding and bruising  (vitamin K)

Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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