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Orange Juice🍊

Ingredients: Orange

Direction for manual juicing:

  • Wash orange.

  • Slice in half and remove seeds.

  • Twist into manual citrus juicer and transfer to a clean glass or bottle.

  • Scrape pulp and add to juice if you want some fiber.

Direction for electric Juicing:

  • Wash orange.

  • Peel skin, cut in quarters, and remove seeds.

  • Process in juicer.

Health Benefits:

  • Good for asthma treatment (hesperidin, naringin)

  • Helps smooth blood vessel functions (hesperidin)

  • Gives glowing skin (vitamin C)

  • Help cure scurvy (vitamin C)

  • Reduce the chances for birth defects (vitamin C, folate)

  • Helps prevent cancer of the skin, breast, mouth, lungs and colon (D-limonene)

  • Prevents anemia (vitamin C, iron)

  • Prevents tooth decay (calcium)

Note: Leave the most white portion of the peel. It contains more vitamin C and flavonoids.

Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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