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Mangosteen Smoothie

Ingredients: Mangosteen, Crushed Ice, Water


  • Wash Mangosteen fruits open by hand with a knife.

  • Scoop out white parts.

  • Remove seed from the biggest pod.

  • Blend all flesh, adding ice or water for desired consistency.

Health Benefits:

  • Fights aging and repairs cells (xanthones)  

  • Protects against cancer (catechins)

  • Helps combat certain cancer cells (garcinone E, alpha-mangostin)

  • Beneficial for patients with malaria (benzophenone, xanthones)

  • Strengthens the body’s defense against infections (antibacterial, Antifungal)

  • Keeps gums healthy (vitamin C)

  • Assist in relieving nerve pains caused by inflammation (cox-2 inhibitor effect)

  • Protects against stroke and cardiovascular diseases (potassium)

Note: You may add in some pieces of the soft rind to color the smoothie pink. Although it taste bitter, the rind contains most of the medicinal properties. Squeezing in lemon juice could also add sing to the smoothie, but this may require some sweetening from the stevia or other natural alternatives.

Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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