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Grapefruit Juice🍑

Ingredient: Grapefruit

Direction for manual juicing:

  • Wash grapefruit

  • Slice in half and remove seeds.

  • Twists into a manual citrus juicer and transfer to a clean glass or bottle.

  • Scrape pulp and add to juice if you want some fiber.

Direction for electric juicing:

  • Wash grapefruit

  • Peel skin, cut in quarters, and remove seeds.

  • Process in juicer.

Health Benefits:

  • Reduces accumulation of arterial deposits (pectin)

  • Strengthens and maintain the elasticity of arteries (vitamins C)

  • Helps reduce water retention and swelling of the legs during pregnancy (vitamins C)

  • Acts as shield from stomach and pancreatic cancers (vitamin C, pectin)

  • Helps prevent dehydration (electrolytes)

  • Lower the risk for asthma (naringin)

  • Aids in maintaining good eyesight (vitamin A)

Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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