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Banana Smoothie 🍌

Ingredient: Frozen banana flesh, water, calamansi


  • Put the frozen banana and water in a blender.

  • Process until smooth.

  • Squeeze in a few drops of calamansi juice to keep the smoothie from oxidation.

Health Benefits:

  • Provides excellent fuel for athletes ( high carbohydrates)

  • Lowers the risk for muscle cramps ( potassium)

  • Shakes off extra body pounds ( fiber)

  • Acts as energy food ( potassium)

  • Helps relieve tension ( serotonin)

  • Chase moodiness away ( serotonin)

Note: If you use milk instead of water, there’s no need for calamansi. In this case, you will have to drink the banana-milk smoothie immediately. Meanwhile, nuts will make the drink healthier. Should you use fresh bananas, add crushed ice.

Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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