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Avocado Smoothie Juice 🥑

Ingredient: Frozen avocado flesh, water


  • Put frozen avocado and water in blender and process until smooth

Health Benefits:

  • Supports blood pressure levels(potassium)

  • Reduces the risk for cataract and macular degeneration(lutein, zeaxanthin)

  • Is a weight loss-friendly food (high in fiber, low in carb)

  • Improves cardiovascular system (oleic acid)

  • Regulates blood sugar (fiber acid)

  • Lower blood cholesterol levels (beta-sitosterol)

  • Reverse insulin resistance ( monounsaturated)

  • Helps prevent neural tube defects and spina bifida (folate)

  • Boosts the immune system ( glutathione)

Note: You may use evaporated milk, instead of water. Another alternative is soymilk, but you may have to add stevia to sweeten the smoothie lightly.

Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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