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Do you know about Tabon Caves in Quezon Palawan?

“The Tabon Caves Complex has exceptional cultural and natural value being the site where artifacts such as the Manunggul Jar and other jars and human remains were found in an expedition led by Dr. Robert Fox. These are proofs that early humans have been residing at the Tabon Caves thousands of years ago that dates back to 700 to 800 BC,” he added.

The inclusion of the caves he said, will add to the prestige and honor for the province to have another World Heritage Site that will join Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park.

Meanwhile, Board Member Nieves Rosento also said that aside from Tabon Caves Complex south of Palawan, El Nido town also has its own caving adventures to offer that should be included in the province’s proposed cultural tourism mapping and become another tourism attraction. Credit to: Link of the original post:


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