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Important Blog Writing Do’s and Don’ts

Have you seen the movie, Julie and Julia?

I have seen it a zillion times and yet I never feel tired of watching it again! You know why?

Because it is blog writing in a form of a story retold, recipes re-cooked, and yet her experiences she shared with the world are the real pinch of salt in the plot! Nothing is original except for her own cooking adventures in the story, which fascinate, inspire and make the audience get involved emotionally with Julie’s highs and lows, her failures and triumphs!!

How did she achieve it? Would I be exaggerating when I assert that part of this success goes to the technology of blogging that emerged during her period? To some extent it could be possible. But right now blog writing is no longer a world of wonder and we must admit that it has gained immense competition in today’s time.

So what should one do to blog better, brighter, and in a brilliant way?

The first and foremost thing to remember is that you need to love the niche for which you are blogging. Not just love, but be passionate about it. Once you have realized what you want to write about, the ideas can pour in, with different perspectives, approaches and outlooks. You can then find countless topics to write about, relevant to the main theme of your blog.

Here are a few things provided by online homework help service to keep in mind to make your blog writing unique:


Be it personal or professional, writing for a blog needs grabbing the attention of the reader with catchy title and introductory sentence. Try to write content that is useful and handy for the reader. Make your information easy to access and quick to grasp, so that the reader doesn’t feel it as a waste of time reading your blog post. Add incentives. This could mean offer to write guest posts, link for another venture websites, free newsletters and so forth. Make the reader turn into a loyal audience to your blog. Add a punch line that highlights what new topic will be added soon in near future to your blog. Give importance to Meta Descriptions! They work as teasers for your blog and attract readers to your post, by means of enticing words as well as effective keywords.


Try not to sound too personal, imposing your own opinions on the readers. It could lead to self indulgence and boredom while reading and the audience may never return to your blog again!

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