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keety muds
Apr 19, 2022
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A share certificate is a document produced by a firm that proves ownership of the company's shares based on the information stated in the document. The Companies Act mandates companies to provide share certificates agencies after incorporation, and this page examines the method for issuing company share certificates as well as other pertinent rules. Share Certificate Agencies Follow Procedure Listed Below: If a shareholder demands more than one certificate, the corporation can issue more shares for Rs.20 per share certificate. Share certificate agencies must be issued at the moment of allotment, subscription, or incorporation. The created share certificates must meet the aforementioned criteria and be signed by two Directors, the Company Secretary, or any other person authorised by the Board of Directors. The share certificate agencies must be issued at the Company's registered office, and stamp duty must be paid in accordance with the Stamp Act of the State. Following the issuance of the share certificate, the details of the share certificates must be entered into the Register of Members maintained under Section 88 of the Companies Act, 2013. MUDS is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners in starting, managing, and growing their businesses with peace of mind at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to educate the entrepreneur on legal and regulatory requirements and to be a partner throughout the whole business life cycle, providing assistance to the company at every level to ensure compliance and continuous growth.

keety muds

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